How to Join Us?

How to become a member

Our procedure of acquiring memebership is simple. We have highlighted below the very precise steps that we believe it will capture the necessary details of a member to be served accordingly.

Take your time and ensure you have understood the procedure.

We welcome you to Ecopillar SACCO society limited


Individuals interested in joining Ecopillar Sacco shall fill in membership application form and forward to our offices together with:

  1. No entrance fee.
  2. Copy of National Identity Card
  3. A passport size photograph.
  4. Current pay slip for members contributing through check off system.
  5. FilledĀ Nominee Form.
  6. Make minimum monthly contributions of Ksh. 2,000 or more.
  7. Contribute Ksh. 200 monthly to the welfare fund. The fund covers death of the principal member, spouse,children and biological parents.

How To Join?

  • 1

    Dully fill the membership application form.
  • 2

    Fill the beneficiary nomination form (next of kin card).
  • 3

    Provide a copy of ID or Valid Passport

  • 4

    Provide a copy of KRA PIN Certificate.

After Joining

  • 1

    Make an initial contribution as follows:

    -Share Deposit: 500 or above

    -Share Capital: 5,000

    -Sinking Fund 200

  • 2

    According to the Sacco by-laws, partial withdrawal of funds is not allowed. A member can only access their funds through borrowing or termination of membership.